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Evolution Of Combat
StoissDate: Wednesday, 2009-08-05, 4:19 AM | Message # 16
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Hi guys well i will make a new line in here sens EoC has change alot latly and i was thinking it was about time to post somthing new of the mod and the way it works atm.

Watch Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTHwiq2tvUY
Remember to watch it in HD xD

As you can see in the video here saberlock has been change and it is more stable now.. I have allways think it was a bit bugged in Jka and Ja+ so i looked up OJP E source codes and did a look at the codes and look what ther was a need for a new furture thing for saberlock.. also you will see Puch is become more powerfull now and do knockdowns and make damage to the player if he falls hard on the grund or smash in to a wall hard it is not allwasy a thing there happen becours of you focus bar there is in the game and it is hard now to puch a player if he is full in Focus. Manuel Block is also there and it has become bad ass cool to play with i try to play Mb2 and it is more defrind then my own one is wich is a good thing Mblock can be use to get back Focus if you are low it is hard to parry with Mblock but in time you will learn it and also find out there is a little speciel thing more about Mblock.. sens Mblock has been a importen thing in this mod here we was lucky to have a mblock slash move with it to, wich mean you can do small hits from side to side and also do a finishim kill when the player is on the grund. Focus is the thing there is keeping you alive from shots and hits from a saber.. The Focus have a cost on 2 hits from a saber and then it will hit you badly and normaly you die by it if you don't get away very fast from the player who is attacking you.. there will also be a buy system where you can buy weapons and stuff like shield gen and much more the system is a bit bugged atm so it dosnt work perfectly yet but do hope it will come to it some day to..
there is some small bugs in it. Knockdown make some werid jump thing in the air have not been looking so much in to it yet but do hope i will fix it some day when i got some time with it again
but enjoy guys and i hope you like what you see

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