Tales of the Sith Lords
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10. SithEmperor Sith Master [SithAssassin]   (2010-04-13 12:49 PM)
I wait Many Years To This mod...Its Dead?

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9. Monster   (2010-02-24 9:37 PM) E-mail
Dude I think this kicks butt
But mabey you could have one of darth mauls missions be
when he kills one of the nightsisters. like the comics that would be cool

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8. The_Pwner   (2009-10-10 7:43 PM) E-mail
If u want another animator or effects editro, I could do that, but i don't think u need it.

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7. Luke [DuketheLuke]   (2009-10-06 7:03 AM)
I might randomly make a trailer when I'm thinking about new mapping ideas, it cools my mind wink

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6. Henrick Pelletier [kal01]   (2009-09-09 5:03 AM)
we have bliznez, revan and dvg unless you can show us something really good i say we have enough of people for vids. wink like i said we could check out some of your stuff

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5. Mert-K   (2009-07-20 8:27 PM)
Hey, Is there someone you makes trailers for your mod?
If not.... can i help with that?

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4. Henrick Pelletier [kal01]   (2009-04-26 5:12 PM)
The frame meaning the kind of snak skin surounding the characters?

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3. Viktor [bliznez]   (2009-04-23 8:58 PM)
The website cool, can you change the frame of the title?
I dunno myself how to, so im asking

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2. Daan [dvg94]   (2009-03-20 2:47 PM)
very cool
i will be scriptere and audio

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1. Henrick Pelletier [kal01]   (2009-02-25 0:48 AM)
Leave all your comments about the Story or The Website smile


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