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Here we have a new total conversion for Jedi Knight: Jedi academy.
In this mod you will get to play as the famous and fearless Sith lords.
See what they got to see, fight who they got to fight. and cause fear as they did in the Galaxy
You will get to play as Lord Revan himself through famous battles.
Darth maul through his training and fights, Count dooku from his exile.
Lord vader the chosen one with the execution of thousands of jedis.
Emperor Palpatine while blending through the jedis and defeating one of there most respecable masters.
And finally extra missions, to be able to learn more about Other jedis.

we are in search of a modding team since ours isnt complete yet.
here is what we need
Video guy and the audio guy

Here is also a list of the missions we want to include.
Note that its just a thought for now and some missions may be added while others may be removed

Mandalorian wars (Malachor V)

Revan vs Mandalore the ultimate (Malachor V)

Revan vs malak (Star Forge) (choose light or dark)

(Dark) revan's hunt, jedi master vrook (Dantooine)

(light) revan small mission in the unknown regions (Alkador)

Darth Maul

Darth maul training (Coruscant)

Maul vs qui gon (Tatooine)

battle of naboo (Naboo)

Maul(proxy) vs secret apprentice (Raxus Prime)

Cybernetic Maul vs Obi-wan Kenobi Ep4 (Tatooine) - NEW

Count Dooku
dooku vs Master Hundra (Korriban) ( between 1 and 2)

dooku vs anakin and obi-wan (Geonosis)

dooku vs clones during clone wars (Nal Hutta)

Dooku vs Young Rahm Kota ( Nal Hutta)

dooku vs anakin and obi-wan coruscant (observation deck)

Darth Vader

Assault on the Jedi Temple (Coruscant)

Vader vs Separatist (Mustafar) -NEW

Vader finding Kento marek (Kashyyyk) ( force unleashed prologue)

Vader's ambush on Correlia (Correlia) (TFU) - NEW

Vader vs secret apprentice (Death star)

Vader vs obi wan (Deathstar)

vader vs luke (Bespin)

vader vs luke (Death star) ( choose your side) 

Darth Sidious
Sidious vs Darth Pleagus (Korriban)

Sidious vs Mace Windu and jedi's (Coruscant)

Sidious vs yoda (Coruscant)

Sidious vs secret apprentice (Death star)

sidious hunting down an exiled jedi in the unkown regions. (Rii-Kane)

Extra Missions

Ashoka tanos death

Tie fighter facility

Jar Jar's last stand

(more are to come soon)

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