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Main » 2009 » June » 15 » DEMO comming soon!!!!!!!
DEMO comming soon!!!!!!!
10:27 PM

We have worked hard the past months to try and make as many new maps new animations new effects new menus new huds, etc. Now I'm officially announcing that the demo will come out soon. For me soon might be in two months or so. But We will do our best to keep you updated and try to release it this summer if we can. We really enjoy your comments and this is why we try to make things as different as possible in our mod.

The demo mission Now haha

Well we have voted for the character and we have decided that the playable character for the mission will be Darth Vader. And finally the mission for the character will Be DRUM ROLLS !!!

Death star TFU.

Katanamaru has worked on the animation for the secret apprentice his powers his stance and all it will be great especially with the hex editor which gives us the opportunity to make different sets of animation for the characters we want so not ever body will share the same animations. The map will be huge and there will be different cinematic. We will leave you the choice between light or dark. Though since you play as Vader it wont be the same thing as in TFU.

So visit the page to see updates like videos game play screen shots etc. hope you guys will enjoy

Regards The Unkown region Team.

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4 Monster   [Entry]
I think this mod is going to rule!!!
but I have one question I noticed that the force lightning is kinda purple. is it going to be like that in the full mod
Its not a big deal. Iv'e just never seen a sith lord in any media (movies,games, cartoons,comics) ever use purple lightning before.
I think classic blue would be cool

3 Jogita   [Entry]

1 Jogita   [Entry]
uh how come you have to be Darth Vader instead of the Secret Apprentice

2 kal01   [Entry]
well its tales of the sith lords and the mission has you play as darth vader becuase this is what the mod is about its seen from the point of view of the famous sith lords. So you will play as vader and not Sa, the mission will still be similar to Tfu though there will be some extra stuff since you still play as vader and not Sa. But dont wory the mission will be similar to Tfuwith lighting duel in the end and all biggrin

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